My body anchors itself in this grey reality
My mind is chasing shadows of the past
In the fields of rotten sprouts of creativity
And I
Oho where am I
I see souls choosing to go home
I see souls refusing to let go
I feel the warmth of joyful opportunity
And I freeze holding to broken reality

My ego whispers dark language curse
Creating vortex of captivated thought
My world spins against my will
I give away, I give away without a scream

Oho God I did again
I lost my power
I’ve broken my wing
Why can’t I look at myself?
Why is it so hard to hold up my head?

I cut my heart into pieces
Of the sacred geometry shadows
I spread them across my universe
Beyond the rays of matter

I’m hoping that one day they will bring me
Calculus of extraordinary life variations

Until then I will drift in the palette of colours
Given to me by God Creation

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